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Reaching for the Stars is a recognized 501c3 public charity. The mission of Reaching for the Stars is three fold.


#1 To provide service animals to families at little or no cost 


#2 To assist people in training the dogs they already own, as Service Dogs (i.e., owner trained, trainer assisted), 


#3 To support local shelters and/or rescues in three main ways:

a) offering behavioral assessments for dogs coming into the shelter and developing training protocols to help the dogs work towards adoptability,

b) offering training classes for shelter dogs to participate in to help them get adopted, and

c) to take in owner surrendered animals to keep them out of local shelters and/or rescues.  In this third way, our non-profit makes sure the dog receives proper vetting and training to help them find their forever home and at the same time allows the shelters/rescues to use those resources for another deserving animal. 


Sasha, a Reaching for the Stars Service Dog, meeting her new mom for the first time.

Jess with 4 of the Marvel Litter Puppies. Their mom was dumped on a friend’s property. Once they were weaned, the stayed with us until we could find them homes.

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